About: MailBoy is supposed to be a simulation of a mail delivery boy back in the 1800's when the first mail offices appeared. You are able to take letters(or packages) from the post office and deliver them to the people. The challenge of the game is doing this efficiently, keeping track of your stats and have a high satisfaction rating.

My purpose of creating this game is learning Phaser(is my first Phaser project) but if there are people interested for this game I will invest more time into it's development; so please shout your support.

Status: Very early game design and development.


  • left, right: movement
  • up, down: cycle trough letters in post office
  • e: take letters from post office

Working on: (16 January 2017)

  • showing inventory
  • delivering letters

Done milestones:

  • parallax background
  • movement
  • random city and letters generation
  • sprite recycling

Future possible features:

  • Story and sandbox mode
  • Procedural generated town
  • RPG elements: attributes, character creation
  • Survival stats: stamina, hunger, health
  • Dynamic day/night cycle
  • Historical info about that era

Tech: HTML5 + PhaserJS

Author: Alexandru-Calin Mihalache

Any idea or advice is well received.


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I'm sorry, but I am curious to ask. Did you draw the character yourself from scratch, or did you take something as inspiration?

Hello, i did take something for inspiration and basically I drew new clothes and edit a little by hand. The houses are made from scratch. As I said in the description this was a technical demo for me to learn the framework so I didn't spent much time on design and art work. I awaited some interest to come back to this project and finish it.

I see. Because I do have an Instagram and DeviantArt page, and on Instagram I posted three images of a concept character I was making at the time. One smoking, one shooting, and then a sprite sheet with him unarmed, bloodied and with a baseball bat.


The outlines like on the sleeves, the shape of the hands, legs, head, sort of seem identical to mine. I am not complaining or even claiming that you "stole" anything, im not that bothered by such an idea, but seems kind of ironic that I stumbled to a character that seemed identical to something I'd made.
I was just curious, thats all owo

(1 edit)

I never saw your char before. I'm trying to find the original one that inspired me but no luck so far, although i found this:

And I'm sure I found lots of this kind of pixelart character in my initial search. If it bothers you, I'll replace the sprite.

Oh i think i found another one:


Oh yea~ I'm so sorry for bothering you then! I completely forgot myself that I had also taken inspiration from the first image you've shown. I've quite edited my image after the one ive shown from 2 years ago, I forgot what "base" i used. Again, I am so so sorry!